Our creativity services include a transpersonal approach to healing with your senses. Through writing, movement or soaking in music-we provide a safe space for individuals to express themselves and promote self-growth and healing.

If interacting in creative expression sessions are not comfortable, binaural or bilateral beats for whatever need are available at our online store. To aid in allowing centering in this form to occur.

What you can expect

When you call the Creativity office of Just Be Rooted, our office staff makes every effort to answer your call. We are available Tuesday through Thursday to return all inquiries.

Just Be Rooted is committed to providing an affirming and safe space for all. Just Be Rooted does not discriminate in the provision of services based upon an individual’s race, color, age, sex, gender identity and/or expression, national origin, disability, marital status, military status, religion or sexual orientation.


When you first call our office you’ll have a brief consultation to discuss services provided. Together we discuss your desire to focus on somatic healing. During this conversation, we get to know your need for creative expression and how we can appropriately support you.


We hold space to discuss what you are imagining and how you want to express yourself. Expanding upon why you want to express Self in this medium and how we can accompany that.


Insurance accepted: None

Private pay rates available for packages or sessions. Please contact the office for pricing inquiries.

“The best use of imagination is creativity.”

– Deepak Chopra

We are here to support you along the way!