Meet Gina

Gina Liquori (she/her/hers) is a Registered Social Work Intern. Gina graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Stockton University in New Jersey in 2014. She graduated with her Masters of Social Work from Arizona State University in 2021.

Gina believes that each therapy session is an important tool to getting to know her clients. She believes that each person is unique and strives to understand her client’s whole being. Gina customizes each session based on the needs of the client and she strives to give compassion, hope, and strength. Gina lives an authentic lifestyle and will help her clients try to also live their authentic life.

Gina has worked with at risk populations including substance abuse and other non-substance abuse addictions, persistent mental health illnesses, and homelessness. Gina also has extensive experience with sexual trauma and PTSD. She has experience working with the LGTBQ+ community and has worked at churches, mental health agencies, and schools throughout her career.

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