Meet Kai

 Kai (they, them) has been a child of movement since their younger years. They took both lyrical and cultural dance in their academic years. They ventured into a swimming career whilst as an undergraduate and has been involved with the swimming community for years specializing in children and beginner swimmers of all ages.

Adjacently, Kai explored their fascination with how other people see the world and how they express themselves in it. This led them to obtaining a degree in Art History from Agnes Scott College. Their dream is to celebrate artists and create spaces for their self expression to blossom. Kai also wants to be a curator and eventually a professor teaching Art History.

In their time of leisure, they are always finding ways to connect to themselves, the community, and the universe itself. They wish to help others to use the art of movement and expression to heal and cultivate a healthy relationship with self.

We’re here to support you along the way!