Just Be Rooted B&B Beats Pack

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Both binaural and bilateral beats affect brain waves and our nervous system. They can impact our various thoughts, actions, beliefs, needs, & feelings. Best listened to with headphones- this B&B Pack includes ten (10) Binaural and Bilateral Beats to aid you to Just Be Rooted. Valued at $101, available for $52.25!

The Just Be Rooted: Binaural and Bilateral Beats Pack includes:

Beat #1: Awareness (Beta Wave)

Beat #2: Dream Aloud (Delta Wave)

Beat #3: Feelings Ajar (Alpha Wave)

Beat #4: HomeWork (Gamma Wave)

Beat #5: Now & Always (Theta Wave)

Beat #6: OuterSpace (Beta Wave)

Beat #7: Reach (Gamma Wave)

Beat #8: Riding the Wave (Alpha Wave)

Beat #9: Theatre of Dreams (Theta Wave)

Beat #10: Triumph (Delta Wave)

Go Deeper Tip: This Just Be Rooted B&B Beats Pack pairs well with Just Be Rooted Digital Journal & Workbook- available for purchase in our Remedy in Harmony Store. Each section shares what wave type or Just Be Rooted beat above complements each activity or page!

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